Rakend Dubba Computational Engineer | Data mining | Machine Learning


rakend dubba

I'm Rakend. Currently working as a Computational Engineer for fluid dynamics problems. From the time I got acquaintance with Python, I evangelized to Python community, maybe obsession is a small word for my addiction to it. And it never stops to amaze me.

My areas of interest include Machine Learning, Data Mining. So most of my posts will be revolving around these topics that inspire me. I love sharing ideas, thoughts and contributing to Open Source community. Typically the posts are concocted from my rough worksheets while working on the fundamentals.
Hope you find something useful here.


  • Programming Languages
    • Python
    • Fortran
  • Data Analysis Tools
    • Pandas
    • NumPy
    • SciPy
    • Scikit-learn
    • spaCy
    • Matplotlib, Seaborn
  • Code & Project Management
    • Jupyter
    • Visual Studio Code
  • Computational Tools
    • OpenFOAM
    • SpaceClaim
  • Post-processing
    • MATLAB
    • ParaView


June 2015 - Computational Engineer
@ Sukra Helitek


2012 - 2015
Master of Science
Indian Institute of Technology Madras